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Revenue Cycle Management

To Start, We smooth out your framework cycles and individuals, to improve your revenue cycle management with our industry skills joined with digital abilities. Secondly, MDBC-PRO is a complete one-stop solution for revenue cycle management services that are controlled with cutting-edge technology, powerful systems, and responsive business understanding.  On the whole, Medical Billing and Coding Professionals MDBC-PRO are experts in Revenue Cycle Management Services for better cash flow, Supportive administrations to patients, and business workability.

Revenue Cycle management Services by MDBC Pro

Firstly, As a medical care supplier, your practice needs to keep up with the balance between giving treatment to patients, Submitting claims to payers, and getting them paid. This cycle is a mixture of medical services, business intentions, and administrative procedures with insurance agencies. Moreover, It is a compound series of steps including, claims, coding, registration, payment collections, remittance, and subsequent follow-ups. Particularly, expected these exhausting and bulky errands that hamper you from concentrating on your center’s Medical care business.

To clarify, medical services suppliers regularly underwrite more assets and time in accomplishing their objectives. While an expert revenue cycle board accomplice can convey better outcomes. Equally important is that Revenue Cycle Management services are at a spiraling development because of their return on investment and the enhanced business methodology. Essentially, all central parts of health care use these advanced techniques to better revenue streams and decrease bad debts. The progress from conventional services fees to reimbursement-based medical services has renovated how medical services suppliers are working as far as better monetary feasibility.

Offering medical care to patients is an income stream; however, when hospitals spend more assets to recuperate that revenue, it’s anything but an additional worth. A sound and expert RCM framework can be a compelling business move that assists you with flourishing in the competitive market.

Professional Revenue Cycle Management system is utilitarian for a large number of variables

  • Enhance Income and cash flow framework
  • Upgraded cycles and strategies to suit business requirements
  • Effective clinical, regulatory, and revenue-generation capacities
  • Up to Date with CMS Rules and guidelines

How MDBC-PRO providing leading Edge Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

  • Extensive involvement with healthcare billing organizations with professional system diagnostics
  • Real-time processing of patients’ insurance eligibility status
  • Proper check and cleaning of claims
  • Self-pay creation, e-statements, and online submissions
  • Eliminate administrative and compliance bothers
  • Adequate follow-up of claims from Insurance payers.
  • Reconciliation of all the accounts and resolve issues with patient responsibility and adjustments
  • Effective management of denials and underpayments
  • Productivity precision in payment posting and decreased credit adjusts and retractions

What makes MDBC-PRO the Ideal Choice

Provide leading-edge medical billing services, we smooth out start-to-finish RCM cycles and reporting processes, and 90% of the claims are settled within 90 days. Further, You can completely depend on our expertise in RCM services and spotlight your assets on your center business.

Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management

Eligibility and Deductible Confirmation

Insurance eligibility/deductible checks are the most significant and the initial phase in the medical billing process. Likewise, Eligibility verification checks straightforwardly impact reimbursements. Agencies routinely make strategy and policy changes and updates in their health plans. In this way, it is significant for the medical billing organization or the doctors to confirm if the patient is covered under the new arrangement or plan to maximize reimbursements. Therefore, after confirmation of health insurance coverage acceptance criteria for the first submission of a claim. Non-check prompts a few inconveniences like modification diminishes patient fulfillment, and mistakes other than creating setbacks and claim denials.

revenue cycle management
revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management Verification Process

Early on, confirm patients’ insurance coverage and benefits with their insurance by making phone calls to the patient’s payer or checking via online web portals.

Then, after getting or confirming accurate details update the medical billing software or practice management software (PMS) with verified information. Like member ID, primary and secondary payer verifications, and Patient’s plan details like effective and termination date of the policy, Cap limit, Copay, deductible, co-insurance, and other level benefits details along with maximum allowable limitations.

So that, when any issue is found related to patient eligibility and benefits, In detail, we share the latest information with the client promptly. This process saves the client time and money. Moreover, the process increases practice revenue without rejection, denials, and service loss.

Billing and Coding in Revenue Cycle Management

Significantly, the right coding and billing practices are executed by all experts and doctors. Therefore, They should have MDBC-PRO ensure EHR and training about the process to prepare themselves for the right codes with ICD-10. Not only-but also the coding framework perplexing billing professionals are also important for claims on the initial submission.

Super Bills Completed by the physician

Most Importantly, Correct billing is very important for RCM proficiency. MDBC-PRO has formulated strides to execute it. The physicians need to get reimbursement according to the services. Also, enter data completely and accurately. Thus, we utilize control measures like auditing and reconciliation to make sure that diagnosis codes, treatment codes, and services are billed accurately to the insurance carriers

Processing of Claims in Revenue Cycle Management

To begin, Denials and rejections at any level will amount to revenue loss and delays in cash flow for healthcare providers. 

To resolve these problems, it is most difficult for the progression of the work process to be set apart for quality and better handling. 

Overall staff like Providers, front-line individuals, billing team, and coders. Clinical staff must have training to understand their duty in processing claims.

Patient Payments in Revenue Cycle Management

In the same vein, we completely comprehend the nature of the medical services business. Although we focus on co-pays during the time of registration but in specific cases, it is significant to make changes.

As medical services face busy times and emergency circumstances, we have a set of satisfactory methods to handle these situations.

  • Accurate claims and information processing are based on coding and billing simultaneously. Claims must get accepted for reimbursements rather than denials.
  • Clean data entry and claim submission within a timely filing limit will ensure a higher claim acceptance rate.

Payment Received

The last step of revenue cycle management (RCM) is the receipt of payments. Getting payments is vital for the business presence and claim denials can find by payers through ERA/EOB. 

The revenue cycle is troublesome having a capable RCM accomplice can make things bothersome.

Maximize Practice Account Receivables (A/R)

Similarly, We limit your lead time and let you have accurate and clean claims processing. As a medical services supplier, tasks like entries and submissions, erroneous information, and claim settling takes a lot of resources and precious time. 

MDBC-PRO will allow you to have experts for your billing, coding, and guaranteeing reimbursements.

With an essentially high first-pass claim acknowledgment rate, we advance A/R. With regards to claims handling, We’ve got you covered.

We Specialize in Becoming Your Actual Billing Accomplice with best Revenue Cycle Management Services

To Summarize, MDBC-PRO professional RCM works jointly with your Billing Practice and goes about as your billing Accomplice. We plan and carry out our services by customizing them for your medical practice.

Our company works intently by assessing your particular prerequisites to guarantee you get each claim payment. We are specialists in observing and upgrading your system and A/R that directly affects your revenue collections.

We have methodologies and systems set up that enhance your business. Generally, We go about as a contact for you at each step of the RCM cycle by joining trend-setting technology.

MDBC Pro automates different tasks that lead to the best quality and advancement. Our prime objective is to maximize your practice revenue and reduce risks of loss. 

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