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Ophthalmology Medical Billing Services

We offer end-to-end medical billing services, including patient input, coding, electronic claim submission, payment posting, repudiation management, and collections, among other things.
We provide a comprehensive revenue series administration solution to help you regain financial health and focus on clinical care and business management. 

This is how we help you, and only claims that have a direct link to the services claimed will be examined:
● The staff lack of experience and time constraints results in the denial of claims owing to inconsistent follow-up and failure to provide the relevant document with the insurance
companies might result in a loss of revenue for the ophthalmologist.
● The denial of claims is also caused by a lack of awareness about the rules and regulations, because the majority ophthalmologists in-house billers are unaware of HIPAA and government guidelines and regulations.
● The most serious issue is the billing staff's lack of training. In most ophthalmology hospitals and medical centres, the personnel is not well trained to comprehend the billing codes and processes, resulting in claim denial.

Outsourcing ophthalmology billing has a number of advantages

Specific talents are required to maximize revenue while still obeying the government rules and regulations therefore the billing department is very popular in today’s  medical industry. Some of the advantages of ophthalmology billing outsourcing are listed below.

Avoid Making Mistakes

There will be fewer billing issues if the billing is outsourced to a well-experienced medical billing so the claim rejection because of these types of errors will not be addressed .The company will ensure that the claims are presented accurately.

Improved Cash Flow

In-house billing is not easy to handle because of the unanticipated events, like something may occur with the billing person like he may be unwell or going on vacation, which results in the billing process to be delayed. When bills are sent on time, it is more probable that payments will be issued on time, and cash will continue to flow.

Keeping Track of Compliance

MDBC PRO keeps all the updates of the government's billing guidelines and regulations, and will make every effort to follow them. Improving the quality of patient care MDBC PRO allows you to concentrate on your practice while taking care of your billing difficulties and when compared to charging on your own MDBC PRO ophthalmology billing will be more efficient and effective in earning income. As a result of this Ophthalmologists and their staff will be able to focus on their primary responsibility, which is to provide excellent care to their patients.

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