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Laboratory Medical Billing Services

Laboratory services are available in a number of locations, including physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and regional and national referral centers.

Body fluids and cells are examined and analyzed by clinical laboratory personnel. They examine for germs, parasites, and other microbes, assess fluid chemical composition, match blood for transfusions, and test for drug levels in the blood that indicate how a patient is reacting to treatment.

Laboratory Billing Services by MDBC PRO

MDBC PRO novel method is ideal for lab billing solutions that require the processing of a large number of low-dollar claims. 

Our system’s efficiency allows us to scrub and file hundreds of claims in as little as 48 hours. 

We assign a manager to each customer who tracks all claims and ensures that each one is reimbursed.

Unlike most of the medical billing businesses that exclusively serve high-ticket providers

Claims Management & Assessment by MDBC PRO

MDBC PRO tracks each claim to ensure that it is paid, regardless of its value, because unpaid claims can result in a significant loss of revenue because the basic goal of a lab medical billing service is to get paid for the services you deliver to patients. Before submitting claims, MDBC PRO skilled billers thoroughly verify them for errors, resulting in a considerable reduction in rejections and denials. When these problems occur, our method for detecting and promptly resolving them is quite effective. We track each claim to ensure that it is paid, regardless of its value, because unpaid claims can result in a significant loss of revenue.

MDBC PRO is a full-service lab billing company that offers a variety of services and solutions

Clients usually start with lab medical billing, but after they see how smoothly our system handles their claims, they move on to collections and then other services, particularly those that require negotiating with payers, such as credentialing, which can take a long time. We’ll also take care of any outstanding accounts receivable, and we’ve had a lot of success collecting payment on bills that are more than a year old. Payer credentialing, insurance coverage verification, compliance audits, and whatever else you need are all handled by our staff.

Collections – Old Account Receivable and Current Charges

In addition to the payment received directly for claims, there are frequent balances owed by patients, cooperative providers, or extra payers. Everything will be handled by us.

The combination of clear information and an efficient mechanism results in much higher receipts than usual. 

Our handling of old AR accounts is usually successful, even for sums outstanding that are up to a year old.

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