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Orthopedic Surgery Medical Billing

MDBC Pro is familiar with the difficulties of today’s orthopedic practices clinical and entrepreneurial business needs. Our All-rounder billing services ensure that your business efficacy and profitability are improved across the board, from front desks to exam rooms, surgical centers, and imaging. Moreover, we will support you in ways that will allow you to make the most of your time with your patients.

Advantages of outsourcing medical billing to Our Orthopedic

MDBC Pro does business in a professional manner. We support orthopedic surgeons to maximize their revenue cycle management process. Medical coding is the process of converting a physician’s services into medical codes that can be easily submitted to insurance companies. As a result, there should be a code for every type of damage, diagnosis, and medical operation. These codes are used between doctors’ offices and insurance companies in a specially created code.  We use two sets of codes “The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes and Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) codes” .We provide services in both domains, depending on the functions and services that the healthcare provider wishes to use.


We run the process  smoothly and quickly for your convenience by taking the  common language and sending it as claims to insurance companies on time, allowing the insurance company to handle the claim according to the patient’s insurance program before returning it to the medical biller. 

Why should you go with MDBC Pro Billing Company?

MDBC Pro takes extra care of the clients that’s why Partnering with MDBC Pro is a long-term commitment that will have a long-term influence on your practice’s financial health and is a critical component of a successful billing arrangement. 

Keep Your Information Safe

Delivering a high level of security when it comes to your data is a major red flag, and it is a top priority for MDBC Pro , So we are dedicated to ensuring the security of your Protected Health Information (PHI) at all times. 

Maximize Orthopedic Practice Revenue with a MDBC PRO

MDBC Pro recognizes that orthopedic surgeries can involve many procedures because orthopedic doctor’s medical billing is as complicated as the surgery itself. By keeping all these aspects in  mind we uses the most up-to-date, user-friendly medical billing and coding software to streamline our procedures and increase the efficiency of our services. Because it can enhance collection by up to 10%, MDBC Pro records these underpayments in orthopedic surgeon medical billing

Ensure that your claims are easily accessible

MDBC Pro assists you in better managing your revenue cycle, and we do so in a way that benefits your practice and its entire operations. By running all billing processes through your practice’s existing EHR software, you can keep the revenue visibility you’d get if the billing was done in-house because we never prevent you from accessing your personal information. You’ll be able to run reports at any time to assess the efficiency of your billing service. 

Deliver month-end reports that are both detailed and useful

We set realistic expectations and find effective approaches to satisfy the clients by evaluating historical performance data and patterns. This type of information reveals which aspects of your practice are operating effectively and which areas may require attention from you or your billing services team. 

Enhance technology and services on a continuous basis

As a good medical billing firm, we will improve our usage of technology and upgrade our services to help you tackle the industry’s ever-emerging issues.

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