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Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services

A physical therapist’s job is distinct in that they develop a treatment plan based on their assessment and closely monitor progress. Physical therapy is also necessary to recover from an injury, reduce pain, avoid future injuries, and heal a chronic condition. Physical therapists are involved in a wide range of activities.

  • Schools, offices, fitness centers, and private residences 
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Centers for rehabilitation, clinics, and care facilities are all available.
  • Our Error-free medical and coding services are provided by professional medical and coding services, which aid in the recovery of patients.

MDBC Pro Physical Therapy Billing Services to Support Your Practice’s Expansion

MDBC Pro recognizes that many of the illnesses like natural stiffening caused by age, stroke or major surgery necessitate treatment, but they also cause concern in payers who are often unfamiliar with physiotherapy and its rules and regulations, making it difficult for medical professionals to keep up. 

MDBC Pro specializes in physical therapy billing services, and we use the most up-to-date claims processing and billing software and supply you with highly experienced and professionally qualified personnel.

Experience and Certification

MDBC Pro works with all types of medical practices in all fields, and we have a staff of billing and coding experts who not only use the most up-to-date software but are also qualified and skilled, so we are confident in managing and resolving any issues that may arise.

MDBC Pro Ensure that your claims are easily accessible

MDBC Pro never prevents you from accessing your personal information. By completing all billing processes through your practice’s existing EHR software, you can keep your revenue visibility and you’ll be able to run reports at any time to assess the efficiency of your billing service. We assist you in better managing your revenue cycle, and we do so in a way that benefits your practice and its entire operations.

Compliance with Insurance Companies

MDBC Pro is aware of the challenges that a physical therapist faces as a result of the intricate provider-payer relationship. The reason for insurance companies’ complex compliance is that physiotherapists frequently deliver treatments that have been prescribed by a specialist doctor, thus they are under pressure to follow the treatment plan. As a result, the payers are cutting expenditures, causing a major issue for the office workers. Our team of specialists knows how to alleviate that tension by resolving compliance difficulties with a reliable software system that handles the provider-payer connection with ease.

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